The Youth Harm Reduction Team has been instrumental to building organizational capacity by supporting service providers to implement harm reduction in their work. Informed by diverse lived experiences, we've facilitated trainings, provided consultations and created resources for service providers to increase their knowledge and understanding of harm reduction as a philosophy and as an approach to service delivery.


We offer peer-facilitated trainings for service providers who work with youth who use drugs and/or engage in sex work. Trainings are intended to increase capacity for service providers to work with clients from a harm reduction perspective. Trainings are developed in consultation with organizers to identify staff learning needs, areas of focus and objectives. Possible training topics include: navigating conversations with youth about their drug use, supporting a client who engages in sex work and/or how to explain the concept of harm reduction to a parent/guardian. For more information about our trainings, please contact us.

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We can provide consultations to individual service providers and/or staff teams to discuss best practices, client scenarios, community resources, as well as, to address any questions or concerns you may have related to harm reduction. Please note: Consultations related to specific client scenarios will need to be initially screened by the supervisor of the Youth Harm Reduction Team to ensure that there are no existing conflicts of interest.


Throughout a capacity building project conducted at Skylark Children Youth & Families, we have developed a variety of resources and tools for service providers (social workers, therapists, CYW's, case managers etc.) to improve understanding about the diverse lived experiences of youth who use drugs and/or engage in sex work, as well as, increase knowledge of harm reduction strategies.

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