In all of our initiatives, we believe in meeting people where they're at regardless of their level of knowledge, attitudes, behaviors and/or desire to change. For this reason, we strive to tailor all of our work to the audience at hand to ensure that content is both relevant and accessible. As a youth-led team, our work is largely informed by our lived experiences of substance use, sex and/or sex work. We aim to provide non-judgmental safe spaces for participants to increase their knowledge, build understanding and engage in discussion about harm reduction.



We provide peer-led workshops to youth groups on a variety of topics related to drugs, sex and sex work. All of our workshops are specifically tailored to the group at hand to ensure content is relevant and accessible. While we do have a traditional set of workshop topics that we cover,  we are more than happy to discuss with you the possibility of developing a custom workshop for your group. Workshops typically range from 1-3 hours and are offered to groups of up to 40 participants.


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We strive to provide youth with accurate, evidence-based and unbiased information to increase knowledge of harm reduction practices, challenge misconceptions, and reduce stigma. We neither condone nor condemn drug use, sex or sex work. Rather, we provide a non-judgmental perspective to help support people who engage in these behaviours in making informed decisions about their health and safety.



We provide capacity-building support to youth-serving organizations and service providers who seek to implement harm reduction. We offer peer-led staff trainings, lunch and learns, as well as, webinars on a variety of topics, addressing questions such as "what is the best way to convey concern about a client's drug use?" and "how can I support my client who engages in sex work?" In addition, we offer one-on-one, as well as, team consultations.



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